Fortnite Battle Royale MCPE map

Fortnite Battle Royale MCPE map

If you like Fortnite or multiplayer battle royal games, this map with Bedrock Edition will not disappoint. It comes with:

  • 10-min game
  • A map developed by Leefnut and significantly updated by us.
  • Cloudy warfare add-on for weapons (does not include explosives)
  • Compass and Heads-Up Display to show Circle Location
  • Lobby
  • Over 150 chest spawns
  • Over 50 chest formations
  • The full storyline which we update monthly
  • The spawn of random games
  • Toolbar
  • Working storm with Randomized Games

Provided locations include: Amazon Acres, Boating Beach, Bunkers, Crashed Comet, Crumbling Castles, Fogz Temple, Ghoul’s Graves, Humble House, Massive Mansion, Missile Marshes, Mystery Mines, Observatory, Pumpkin Park, The Laboratory, Traswen Temple, Viking Longboat

image for 1Fortnite Battle Royale MCPE map
image for 2Fortnite Battle Royale MCPE map
image for 3Fortnite Battle Royale MCPE map
image for 4Fortnite Battle Royale MCPE map

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