Hello Neighbor for MCPE (Map 2)  

Hello Neighbor for MCPE (Map 2)  

It is the second installment of the Hello Neighbor map series in Minecraft. Now your objective is to search for hidden items, which will help you to solve a puzzle. The mission seems pretty simple at first glance. But in fact, it will be very difficult to do so because your insane neighbor will do everything to hurt you! You have to keep a sharp lookout for him!

You finally penetrated the basement, but your wicked neighbor detected you and locked there! You are trapped inside the basement and have to invent a way to escape!
How to play?
You need to find and gather items which might help you to solve the puzzle and get out of the basement. But your crazy neighbor is very inventive in his efforts to prevent you from breaking free!

image for 1Hello Neighbor for MCPE (Map 2)  
image for 2Hello Neighbor for MCPE (Map 2)  
image for 3Hello Neighbor for MCPE (Map 2)  
image for 4Hello Neighbor for MCPE (Map 2)  

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