Hidden Buttons MCPE map

Hidden Buttons MCPE map

This Find The Button map for Minecraft contains 7 different levels. The mission is obvious: to find all secret buttons or levers on each level. This MCPE map will also challenge your parkour skills! Sometimes, players, who fail, think that there is no button on a level at all, but it is not the case. Every level has a button to press or a lever to flick! Just do some parkour tricks and you will succeed! What is more, there is a hint book, too, which will help you every time you cannot find the button in Minecraft!
The map enjoys 7 exciting levels aka locations. They are:
Art Gallery
Button Room

image for 1Hidden Buttons MCPE map
image for 2Hidden Buttons MCPE map
image for 3Hidden Buttons MCPE map
image for 4Hidden Buttons MCPE map

Download for MCPE:

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