Prison Life MCPE map

Prison Life MCPE map

Designed as a multiplayer, the Prison game invites Minecraft fans to take on the roles of severe guards maintaining discipline in jail and ever-inventive prisoners persevering in their attempts to escape. The map is open-ended because it does not have a precise storyline players must follow. Prisoners can win the game only by breaking free, but it is quite a challenge because there is a high risk of being killed by ware and waking guards.  

How to play?

Since it is a multiplayer map, you need to bring here at least one more person, but it is in its best when there are up to 6 players participating. The ideal variant is when teams are equal in the number of people. Before the action starts, players will be asked to choose the role: a prisoner or a guard.

Prisoners: Acting as a prisoner, you have to invent a way to escape from jail and stay alive in doing this. If a prisoner manages to escape, he needs to reach the Criminal Base, obtain weapons from there, and return to the prison to help out encaged friends.

Guards: They control the prison and set their own rules, which the prisoners must obey. Guards determine when prisoners may go out for a walk on the yard, when they may have a meal, sleep, and etc.


  • Breaking the blocks is forbidden
  • Choose the survival mode
  • Do not cheat
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