Prison X MCPE map

Prison X MCPE map

Oh, dear, would you mind spending a couple of years in prison? We bet it is not what you want to do in the nearest future. The choice is yours: get stuck forever or break free and begin a normal life. Surely the latter variant is more interesting.

So, to escape from prison, you’d better start mining and earn some money aka coins. With coins, you can buy more and better equipment and finally break free! In jail, there are already some mates who will help you pull through your prison experience. Mine together with your friends to escape and become the richest prisoner on the map! If you are tired of continuous mining and inventing a genuine escape plan, take advantage of the stained-glass parkour portal where you also can get some money. The map comes with several scoreboards (like coin scoreboard and timer scoreboard) to track the progress of other players and, if necessary, gear up your mining performance.
If you are done with mining, prepare yourself to deal with a special and mysticalprison kit which is already waiting for you.

image for 1Prison X MCPE map
image for 2Prison X MCPE map
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