The Cellar – Level 1

The Cellar – Level 1

The Cellar is a horror adventure taking you on a creepy journey to a dark cellar where you have to find 8 missing books and break free from this hell of a place. It is definitely a well-made map loaded with custom textures and scary sounds to make your experience in the game utterly bone-chilling…

How to play?

Your task is pretty simple, yet very difficult – to discover 8 different books scattered all across the dull cellar. A torch will help you to shed some light on the darkest corners. Also, use keys on walls to unlock doors.


  • Set the game mode on Adventure
  • Set Difficulty on Easy
  • 0% is recommended game brightness. Alter your screen brightness, if you dislike this.
  • Render Distance – 6+
  • Field of View – 80
image for 1The Cellar – Level 1
image for 2The Cellar – Level 1
image for 3The Cellar – Level 1
image for 4The Cellar – Level 1

Download for MCPE: