BlockWorlds. Space MCPE Map

BlockWorlds. Space MCPE Map

You start out on a small plant in the Minecraft world and have only one goal to pursue – to survive. Besides that, the map features 11 additional planets. You can get to any of them using Elytra and fireworks, but remember, the amount of fireworks is very limited – use them sparingly. You have to try your survival skills on every planet.

Creator: ARMMAT

Available planets:

  • The main Cube Planet – the first planet where you appear in the MCPE game.
  • Snowy Planet – the planet where you can find fireworks. Getting to there is easy.
  • Water Planet. At its bottom, you will find a chest with some surprises.
  • Tree Planet
  • Jungle Planet
  • Red Sand Planet
  • Village Planet
  • Nether Planet
  • Spoiled Planet
  • End Planet
  • Ice Planet

The map also includes comets with ore and chests. Your ultimate objective on this MCPE map is survival.

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Download for MCPE: