Escapists: The Prison of MCPE

Escapists: The Prison of MCPE

You ought to use all your intelligence to escape from the prison in Minecraft and help out your mates, too! It will not be easy, though. At first, you need to rustle up some emeralds and purchase an ax to carve out a secret wooden wall hidden somewhere in the station. This unique and well-made map will get you to do a lot of painstaking things to win the adventure. For instance, you will have to steal the jail keeper’s ship at the end of the map! Activate the lever and the ship’s control board to become a winner!

Long ago, you were an officer in the elite troops of America, but one unhappy day, your carrier was ruined after you were caught passing secret information to a spy. As a result, you were drummed out of the army and sent to the global prison of the Universe. The prison itself is located in Earth’s orbit, and the only way to escape from this hell of a place is by the warden’s personal spaceship. What will you choose: to drag on a wretched existence in a space prison till the end of your life or to escape and enjoy delightful freedom?

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