Ice Scream MCPE map.

Ice Scream MCPE map.

Ice Scream is a Minecraft map containing a horror game with a scary and evil ice cream maker whose horrible scream can freeze you at once. Ice Scream MCPE map challenges you to rescue your friend from the creepy ice cream maker.

While playing on Ice Scream horror map, make sure you never get caught by the ice cream maker; otherwise, his wild scream will freeze you forever. To save your friend, you need to find useful items – they will help you complete this horror game.

Ice Scream Minecraft map is multiplayer-friendly – feel free to bring your friends to beat the spooky ice-cream maker together. This horror game is best suited for 3 players, and make sure you use the appropriate MCPE skin for the ice cream maker.

The map in this Minecraft game is quite spacious with plenty of buildings, which makes the gameplay even more interesting and engrossing. Download Ice Scream Minecraft map for free and let the horror game start.

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