Pink House map for MCPE

Pink House map for MCPE

Do not miss the opportunity to download the fullest pack of maps for MCPE from the most famous andfashionable doll mansion ever! Your favorite doll deserves to have a pretty pink mansion which comeswith these unbelievably detailed maps.The pink dollhouse features multiple rooms and place worth exploring. For example, a stunning livingroom with posh furniture where the most famous doll in history likes to hang out with her charmingboyfriend.Go for a walk in an incredibly large garden that strikes with its level of detail such as beautifulfountains, tall fruit trees, colorful flowers of all kinds, a unique tree house where your lovely niecescan play, a huge pool with crystal clear water, various attractions, and other beauties of luxury life inthe pink doll mansion.Rest assured it is the most luxurious pink princess mansion ever created for Minecraft PE.

image for 1Pink House map for MCPE
image for 2Pink House map for MCPE
image for 3Pink House map for MCPE
image for 4Pink House map for MCPE

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