The Redstonist Bedwars. PvP MCPE map

The Redstonist Bedwars. PvP MCPE map

How to play?
To survive, you will need to trade with custom villages which are also provided in the minigame. Villagers accept gold, iron, as well as diamond/emerald generators. Pay attention that gold generators are not as fast as the iron ones, but you can obtain triple gold if you use diamonds.
Villagers included in your base will help you to conclude trades. Trades differ by type, and every villager specializes at a certain type of trade. Trade types include:
Building Blocks
Through trading, you can purchase additional blocks to defend your bed and weapons to protect yourself.

Building Blocks
4 Iron – 20 Wool
12 Iron – 16 Sandstone
24 Iron – 12 Endstone
4 Gold – 16 Wood Planks
4 Emeralds – 2 Obsidian

20 Iron – Chain Chestplate
12 Gold – Iron Chestplate
6 Emerald – Diamond Chestplate

10 Iron – Stone Sword
7 Gold – Iron Sword
4 Emerald – Diamond Sword
2 Gold – 8 Arrows
12 Gold – Bow

10 Iron – Wood Pickaxe
20 Iron – Stone Pickaxe
8 Gold – Iron Pickaxe
12 Gold – Diamond Pickaxe
12 Gold – Diamond Axe
5 Iron – Shears

4 Emerald – Ender Pearl
4 Gold – TNT
2 Iron – Flint and Steel
8 Gold – 4 Stone Monster Eggs(Bed Traps)
2 Emeralds – 1 Silverfish Eggs
Pay attention that villagers can run out of their goods, and it may take them quite a long time to start trading again. This means that you should buy things wisely. Please, don’t be slow with your progress for 12 bricks of endstone. Surely, it is not prohibited to go to empty bases or to other players to make trades with their villagers. But you should be very careful while doing so – other players are unlikely to be happy with such behavior.

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