BedWars XMas PvP map

BedWars XMas PvP map

It is yet another Bed Wars minigame suitable for a lot of participants playing at once. The Snowy Islands arena and a fully automated shop are included in this minigame. You can collect items while playing and exchange them for other things. The whole trading process is intuitive owing to a simplified chest user interface. Since it is a PvP minigame, it supports multiple players at once. When you spawn, you receive a stone shovel. Use it to smash beds of your enemies! Put on differently colored armors to distinguish who is in which team.

image for 1BedWars XMas PvP map
image for 2BedWars XMas PvP map
image for 3BedWars XMas PvP map
image for 4BedWars XMas PvP map

Download for MCPE:

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