Penny Ice Clown. Map for MCPE

Penny Ice Clown. Map for MCPE

Will you find a nerve to escape Penny Ice Clown? Download this MCPE map to know!
Born by an inflamed imagination of ever-inventive Minecraft developers, Penny Ice Clown map will give you a truly engrossing experience and make you shudder with horror all the way long! A perfect blend of horror and adventure, this MCPE map encourages you to escape from a filthy sewer and avoid trickery of insane Penny Ice Clown. Are you brave enough to escape from this hell? Download the map to prove you are!

On this Minecraft map, you play as a curious kid. One day, you were walking down the street when someone suddenly seized you by the leg and dragged into the sewer. It is very creepy and dark here, and you have no idea what will happen next. Your only desire is to escape the sewer as soon as possible because you feel someone is watching you…
Stay alert, because Penny Ice Clown always appears out of nowhere, and his intentions are not good at all! He comes to kill you! Your ultimate goal is to get out from the sewer without being hurt by the crazy clown.
The sewer is very huge and complicated; there are many branches and corridors, and Penny can be anywhere!

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image for 2Penny Ice Clown. Map for MCPE
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