Redstone Neighborhood MCPE map

Redstone Neighborhood MCPE map

This map comes with a large mansion situated in a flat-plain terrain surrounded by lots of beautiful landscapes. The map features different types of Redstone gimmicks to make the house more convenient and safer to live in. For instance, the garage doors are fully-working (they close and open) and the bathroom contains a properly functioning shower (which is, by the way, has nothing to do with what has been before).
Each garage has two buttons inside – hit them to close or open the garage gates.
Use the remote controller to switch the TV on and off (it is essentially a button placed on the top of the sofa). Lights can also be toggled.
The bathroom looks pretty nice! It is the best place in the house to unwind after a hard day at work standing under warm sprays of running water!
There is also a children’s room in the house. Though it does not boast cool Redstone mechanisms, it is lovely, too!

image for 1Redstone Neighborhood MCPE map
image for 2Redstone Neighborhood MCPE map
image for 3Redstone Neighborhood MCPE map
image for 4Redstone Neighborhood MCPE map

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