Zombie Seige MCPE map

Zombie Seige MCPE map

Zombie Seige is, probably, the best way to challenge your survival skills against endless waves of walking corpses! This co-op PvE game is pure fun to play! It is great for both single player and multiplayer. The ultimate objective is to survive as long as possible. New armies of zombies will come in endless waves no matter you have killed the previous ones or not so that you must be very fast and merciless!
How to play
Bring your friend or multiple friends to the game and rush into action! Before the epic battle starts, make sure you grab the proper gear. If you got killed while other players are standing, you can either quit the game for everyone or stay in the game but only as a spectator. If you enjoy the game in a single player mode, you should end the game once you got killed and just watch how crowds of zombies are capturing the arena!
Warning: if all players got killed, press “End game” for all as quickly as possible, because new zombies will be impending while the game is running, and this may cause the server overload and lead to severe frame drops or even the game crash.
Play in Gamemode 2 (Adventure) and do not change any world settings – there is a reason why they are preconfigured exactly this way!
Never cheat or use commands, otherwise, the whole game experience will be spoiled!
Only provided resource packs can be used. Do not use behavior packs.
The game is at its best when there are 3 or even fewer players; otherwise, it is too easy to play.
Install Note
If while playing on the map, you are asked to download some files, do that. These files are the resource packs without which, the game will not run properly. The files occupy less than 2 MB of memory space, meaning they are quite lightweight to download.

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image for 2Zombie Seige MCPE map
image for 3Zombie Seige MCPE map
image for 4Zombie Seige MCPE map

Download for MCPE:

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